How do I feel?

Last week we made the decision to close Limetree. It was a hard decision to make and we didn’t act lighthearted. It was made after so much consideration that the decision was almost obvious when we made it.

After the announcement, I received hundreds of emails. I spent 3 days in a row answering to them until 3 am. But since the beginning we have decided to talk directly to our users, our friends and give them the best customer service ever. This was not the time to stop doing it.

Many of the emails I received asked me the same question:

How are you?

Some presented a variant to it:

I imagine how you’re feeling and how hard it has been.

Finally, a couple of days after the announcement I could actually write a reply that represented exactly how I feel. It went something like this:

The decision was sad, but I’m not sad.

Our success fell short to what we expected, but I’m not disappointed.

I didn’t match the expectation of many (including my own) and that is disappointing, but I’m very proud of what we accomplished and very happy of the path.

Now I’ll face new and different challenges that will also bring me success, joy and accomplishment.

Bottom line, I’m feeling excited about what’s to come… and that’s my strongest feeling now!