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Hiring for startups…

A startup is not a regular business and it definitely is not the small equivalent to a big company.
Entrepreneurs get it (sometimes the hard way) but, many times, they face several problems related to hiring and retaining talent.

This happens for several reasons and it’s not easy to solve the problem. From my part, I think that a good first step is to read this article and make sure that everybody you hire for your startup also reads it.
Hope it helps…


How do you fake urgency?

Urgency boosts productivity. You don’t do it perfectly, but you’ll do it much, much faster. But it is necessary to be in a hurry to be able to do that. And most of the times you can’t do it the same way if there’s no urgency in it. And not even the prospect of an urgency is enough to make you run as you do when you really have to.
There’s a similitude between work and the famous law for gases: gases will use all the space available; work takes all the time you have available. The same task might take you 1 week or 1 month, depending on how much time you have on your lap…
So if you want to make sure you ship… The question remains: how do you fake urgency?

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