Why did I start this blog?

by Pedro

That’s a damn good question.

I like to write. I’ve always written my thoughts on several different platforms.

I think it’s important to write down your thoughts for you to see them flourish. I think it’s important to speak them out loud to actually understand if they’re good or bad. And I think it’s the best way to “clean the dust” out of those thoughts.

So I didn’t start the blog because I have a very important message to put through. I didn’t start this blog because I have big thoughts and it would be a shame if I wouldn’t share them with the world. On the contrary, I’m not even sure if there’s something here worth for you to read. Although I hope so, it will be for you to decide.

I started this blog out of self-interest. Sorry to tell you this, but I think I should state my interests upfront. I guess it will save me from the law suits 🙂

There are two main reasons why I think speaking out loud helps me improve my reasoning on things:

1. It always helps to share my thoughts with someone.

I usually do it with my business partner. And I’m not even talking about listening to other person’s arguments, thoughts and ideas. I’m just saying that it’s easier to evaluate my ideas and thoughts if I “listen” to them. Even when it’s coming from my own mouth. It definitely happens to me. I usually tell my friends that for this particular aspect I don’t even need them to actually listen to me. I joke that I’ll just print their silhouette in hard card and speak to their figure, because that’s just it. I just need to listen to what I’m saying. Most of the times, that’s enough to understand if there’s something on my ideas or not…

2. It’s good to hear other arguments on any thought you have.

And that’s only possible if you tell someone what you’re thinking. It enhances the good ideas. And it helps me understand why some ideas are bad. It puts my reasoning to the test. Let’s me know which are the counter-arguments. Allows me to analyze those arguments, and think about them. On the other hand, if the idea is of some value it helps me to grow its power. Others’ opinions will build on it, and will strengthen the original concept.

So, this blog is my “hard card silhouette”. In here I’ll test my ideas and try to understand if there’s some value in them or not.

This means that most things I’ll write here might be wrong. Many things will definitely be wrong. But for the sake of the blog, even when I find this out, I won’t delete them. They’ll be here, for anyone to be able to read them and comment on them. I may eventually write a new post on the same subject to clarify my position or my developments on something. Or not.

For all this, I’m sorry, and I hope you apologize me for the frailty of what you can read here… but al least I’m honest about it, right?

I also hope, you will help me with the second part – your arguments. I long for your critiques to my ideas.

I guess this is a pretty straightforward disclaimer. None of what you’ll find here is an advice. None of what you’ll read here is the word of an expert.

But in the end, we can both become a little bit more knowledgeable about something 🙂

Welcome, let’s get started!