Someone got the “qwerty” wrong…

by Pedro

In our experience with Limetree we have come to some conclusions about internet activity, its users, how and when people interact with web-based services, etc.

Some are just confirmations of general rules that were made public in quite a while. Others are more surprising conclusions.

For instance, it was already written over and over again that people use the internet specially on weekdays and particularly during working hours. It is definitely true! On weekends usage divides by 2 or 3. It makes sense… people have more to do on weekends than using the web.

What I never imagined was the most common typing mistake: if we’re talking about the internet, it’s mistyping the “n” for the “m”.

So look out all of you looking for .con domains… that’s going to be fabulous.

Or anyone selling a laptop with a modified “qwerty” keyboard where the positions of the “N” and the “M” are swapped. That would definitely be a winner!