Limetree | The end

by Pedro

Limetree is going to close.

Almost 3 years ago we have decided to launch a platform where every parent could save and enjoy the best moments of their children’s lives.

Along the way, this project evolved. It became mobile, with an IOS app and it also became international, reaching every continent. We’re very proud of this.

Today Limetree comes to an end. Many of the challenges parents faced when we began remain unsolved, but we were unable to reach a sustainable way to do it. And we’re so very sorry.

It is with utmost sadness and with a huge sense of frustration that we decide we are not going to work on Limetree anymore. We failed to secure enough funding or a sustainable business that would allow us to proceed.

Since the beginning, our biggest concern lies with our users privacy. It has not changed. All your memories are safely stored with us, but they’re yours. And they will always be. To ensure it, we will allow everyone to download all their memories until the 30th of November.
After that period, we will completely delete all the contents and informations from our users accounts.

The same way we will refund our paying customers for the remaining of the duration of their accounts. Last but not the least we have to thank you for all the support, feedback and love. Thanks to you, this has been an unforgettable journey. With all our hearts: Thank you!

See you soon,