Tell me what you listen to, I’ll tell you who you are…

by Pedro

Update of the week: Tell me what kind of music you listen to, and I’ll tell you who you are.

These were the words I used to comment an entry on Facebook from an old friend of mine, where she linked to the video of a great music. Obvisously what I meant was to make a relation between the good music my friend was proposing and who she was – a good person, according to the statement above.

Today, as I was listening to a very good music while walking to the office, I began thinking if it wasn’t a two way road: yes, I can tell somethings about some one by the music she listens to; but one can also change herself by listening to different kinds of music. I’m pretty sure we all have examples of our mood changing because we heard a great vibrant music on the radio that made us happy, or powerful, and that boosted us for the day, right?

I guess, I’ll have to change my saying to:

Tell me who you want to be, and I’ll tell you what music to listen to.